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Diet Sunglasses

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Would you mind...

Max: Hi! My name is Maxyori. I just came by to say welcome to our neighborhood. I live next door.
Jose: Hi. I´m Josefina Lopez.
Max: So, when did you moved here?
Jose: I just moved in two days ago.
Max: Well, do you need anything? I don´t know… some help maybe?
Jose: Oh! No thanks, but I let you know if I need anything.
Max: By the way, would you mind to keep the dog quiet please, because it´s barking too much and I need to work early tomorrow.
Jose: Oh! I really sorry about that. I don´t know what happen with that dog. I think he needs to get used to this house.
Max: Yeah! Maybe. I don´t want to sound rude, but could you please stop to hammer on the wall, I mean you´re making a lot of noise.
Jose: oh! My God, really?. Now I´m really embarrassed. I didn´t realize that I was making such a noise. Sorry that´s not going to happen again.
Max: thanks and sorry I didn´t want to bother you.
Jose: No problem. That´s the best welcome that I ever had.



If I had a lot of money, I would go to BARBADOS. Barbados is part of the Caribbean that hasn´t quite lost its British accent.
If I want to go there, I have to get a passport but I’m not sure if I must get a VISA but I don´t think so.
Barbados has spectaculars beaches, where you can go and have fun. The island's top event is the Crop-Over Festival, which originated in colonial times as a celebration of the sugar cane harvest. Festivities stretch over a three-week period beginning in mid-July. There are spirited calypso competitions and fairs around the island. The festival culminates with a Carnival-like costume parade on Kadooment Day (the first Monday in August). I already made my list, about some stuff that I should bring, carry and pack:
· First I must pack too many clothes, because I´m going to stay a week there.
· I should make a hotel reservation. I want to stay in a five stars Hotel.
· I must check the weather. Because I want to spend most of the time on the beach.
· I have to buy new bathing suits, because the ones that I have are old.
· I need to take a lot of money, credit cards and my identification. I don´t want to have problems there.

On the internet I found some information, that is important to know, for example a souvenir – t shirt cost around 20B$(Barbados Dollar), bus ticket 1.50B$, average room prices in a deluxe hotel U.S$300 and average meal prices in a deluxe restaurant is U.S$50.
The best and cheapest transport option on Barbados is the bus. There are three kinds of buses: government-operated public buses, which have the most extensive routes; a privately operated minibus system; and route taxis.
Renting a car is another good way of getting around. None of the island's many car rental agencies is affiliated with a major international rental chain, so just call to book a car and someone will swing by your hotel to pick you up. Temporary driving permits are required; they can be obtained for a small fee through your rental agency. In Barbados, you drive on the left.
Taxis are also available and fares are fixed by the government. However, vehicles are unmetered so establish a fare in advance, especially if you hire a taxi for a sightseeing tour. Rent bicycles in Hastings and Maxwell. Because of Barbados' easterly position and challenging sailing conditions, it's well off the main track for most sailors and there's no local yacht charter industry.
A travel Agency told me that I better go to Barbados during the cooler, drier months of late winter and early spring (December through May). Mid-December to Mid-April is also the peak tourist season when prices are higher and hotels most crowded. So with so much information I’m ready to go to Barbados but I need just one more thing, the tickets in first class.

Here I have some Barbados pictures that I found on the web…

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The small the biggest and the best house


I´m going to write about my old house, my new one and the house of my dreams…

My old house had four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a big living room, an inconvenient kitchen and a small dining area. Two of the bedrooms were big enough but the other two were too small, especially mine. My bedroom closet was as big as a box of shoes, but now I live in a Town House and it´s huge. It has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a small kitchen, a small dining area and a small living room but the bedrooms are huge compared to the old house. The new house is located in a quiet place, you can´t even hear a fly in there, but the old one was really noisy and dangerous. If you are wondering what would be the house of my dream, I will answer the house where I'm living now but what it needs is a big swimming pool and it would be perfect.